Wait Times at US Border

The Department of Homeland Security has provided an app for travelers to the US to use in planning their trips.  Click on Border Wait Times to compare wait times at different US ports of entry.

Deferred Action (DAPA)TIPS

immig_parents_image (2)December 16, 2014: The new immigration program for parents of US citizen and permanent resident children will help many people.  This program will not be available until at least May 2015.  Here are some tips on how to collect information that will help you when this program becomes available. Deferred Action Tips


President Obama Interview by Stephen Colbert

President Obama was a good sport in his interview with Stephen Colbert joking about his emperor status and praising the contributions of immigrants to the US. Obama Interview

The Cost of Delayed Immigration Reform

December 4, 2014: The cost to our economy of delaying immigration reform is significant. As this article points out, every day of delay equals lost payroll taxes and lost income taxes. Can we afford to give up $135 Billion over ten years? Huffington Post