How We Can Help You

The most important way that we can help you is by providing a thorough assessment of your immigration case. We can review your case, and explain options that are available to you based on current law. We can also advise you on changes that are pending in Congress and the courts.

Many people apply for immigration benefits for which they are not eligible. Others miss opportunities to file applications that would better fit their situation. The consequences of filing an application for which you are not eligible, or missing an opportunity for which you are eligible, are long-lasting. Often there are no second chances. For example, If you file an application for a green card in the US, but you do not currently qualify for a green card, you can open yourself up to a potential arrest and deportation.

With over 25 years of combined experience in the area of immigration law, the lawyers in our office are able to review your case for potential problems before they cause permanent damage.