L-1 Intracompany Transferees

The L-1 category provides a way for companies with offices in the US and abroad to transfer foreign national employees to work in a US-based office. This visa category is useful to companies of all sizes – while a small overseas company might use this category to transfer a manager to supervise the establishment of a US branch office, a large multinational corporation might also use this classification to transfer a skilled employee to a US office to address a targeted need.

To qualify for the L-1 category, the foreign national employee must have worked for the company outside of the US for at least one continuous year, within the last three years. The employee must also be coming to the US to work for a related business entity (e.g. parent, subsidiary, or affiliate company) in an executive, managerial, or specialized knowledge capacity. Also, the US employer must be continue doing business in the US and at least one other country for the duration of the L-1 employee’s stay in the US.

Generally, L-1A managers and executives may be admitted to the US for up to seven years, while L-1B specialized knowledge employees may only be admitted for up to five years.

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