Employee Rights and Employer Responsibilities

Employers and workers’ rights advocates may find a new series of webinars by the Dept. of Justice helpful. The webinars address employee rights during the E-Verify and I-9 process. For a schedule click on webinars.



I-9 Information for Employers

April 30, 2014: The Dept. of Homeland Security has begun issuing electronic arrival/departure cards to travelers entering the US.  This means that non-immigrants entering the US will no longer receive paper I-94 cards. The foreign national may access and print out the electronic I-94, but it will look different than the former I-94 card. This is important to employers because employers are required to document that each new employee is authorized to work in the US by maintaining a completed I-9 for each employee.  An I-94 form is one of the documents that an employee may produce to verify employment authorization.  Since the printed electronic I-94 looks different than the paper I-94, employers might be confused about what document to accept for proof of employment authorization.   The paper I-94 card will have an original stamp and writing on it.  The printout of the electronic I-94 will have no original writing or stamps.  Both paper versions and printouts of the electronic I-94 are acceptable. For more information on completing I-9 forms watch  this  short video provided by USCIS : http://www.uscis.gov/videos/video-form-i-9-employment-eligibility-verification-section-one