Diversity Lottery Tip


The Diversity Lottery Program provides up to 50,000 immigrant visas (green cards) every year for those from counties with low rates of immigration to the US. Lottery winners are drawn from all entries of those who qualify to apply. For more information on the Diversity Lottery, including a list of countries whose natives are eligible to apply for the lottery, visit http://tinyurl.com/zep3f6c.


Filing an application for the diversity Lottery may have an impact on your ability to enter the US on a nonimmigrant, or temporary, visa such as a student visa or a visitor’s visa.

  • When you apply for the diversity lottery, you are providing evidence of your intent to enter the US and remain in the US permanently.
  • When you apply for a temporary visa you need to show that you intend to enter the US temporarily, and that you plan to return to your resident in your home country.
  • These two intentions may conflict with each other. A diversity lottery application is only one piece of evidence of your intent to live permanently in the US. This may be overcome with strong evidence that you plan to return to your home country.


Think carefully about your intention at the time you apply for a temporary visa.  Also think about what evidence you have available to prove that you intend to return to your home country at the end of the admission period for your temporary visa. 


Visa Applications May Get Easier



Visa application procedures may become improve. The Obama Administration  instructed the Dept.of Homeland Security to work on improvements to the visa application process to make it easier to apply for a visa.  Proposals include an application process that reduces paperwork and streamlines the process.  For details on the proposed improvements see Visa Processing May get Better . If these proposals are adopted,applicants for immigrant visas (green cards) and non-immigrant visas, such as a visitor’s visa or a fiancee visa, will be able to file immigration applications and supporting documents more easily.