Tips for Choosing an Immigration Lawyer

April 22, 2014: Questions to Ask before Choosing an Immigration Lawyer

1.  How long has the lawyer been practicing in the area of immigration law.  It is a common practice for lawyers to state that they have been licensed to practice law for a specific number of years, without including the information that the amount of time they have been practicing in the area of immigration law is less than this amount of time.

2. Look for evidence of professional standing.  Has the lawyer published articles, spoken at professional associations, received recognition from others in the profession?

3. Does the lawyer use retainer agreements that clearly spell out the services that will be provided and the fees that will be charged?

4. Does the lawyer provide educational programs, or educational materials on immigration law topics?

5. Does the lawyer employ staff that are polite and helpful on the phone?

6. Does the lawyer have experience in the particular area of immigration for which you need help?  For example, some immigration lawyers exclude employment immigration, or representation in immigration court, from their practice.

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