February 18, 2014: Are you married, or engaged,  to a US citizen?  If so you may be able to apply for a green card.  If you entered the US without documents, or you have overstayed the admission period on your I-94 Card, or you have violated the terms of your immigration status, you may be in a period of unlawful status. You may also need a waiver of unlawful presence in order to apply for a green card. USCIS began a new program last year that allows undocumented immigrants to file an application for a provisional waiver of unlawful presence while they are in the US. Read more about the program here.


For example, if you entered the US on student visa (F-1 or J-1), and are no longer enrolled in school full-time, you may be out of status.  If you are eligible to apply for this kind of waiver, and you are eligible to apply for a green card. this program would help you more quickly become a permanent resident (a green card holder).  For more information on the provisional waiver, or to schedule a consultation, contact us.