What We Do

We practice in the area of immigration only.  This allows us to devote the  time and energy needed to keep up with changes in the law and filing procedures.

Within the area of immigration law, we focus on representing families and employers.  We help families sponsor relatives and we help employers sponsor employees. US citizens and permanent residents who are married to a foreign national may sponsor their husband or wife for a green card.  US citizens may also file petitions for a parent or a child. Employers may file applications for employees that allow them to  remain in the US temporarily or permanently.  We also provide audits of immigration documents such as I-9 forms and E-Verify records, for employers.

We also help foreign nationals who are in the US to extend or change their immigration status , or apply for a green card.  For example, we help international students file an application to change from student status (F-1) to a temporary work visa for professionals (H-1B).   For a complete list of the kinds of petitions and applications we file,  see our Services.