H-4 Visa

What is an H-4 Visa?

An H-4 visa is a type of visa for H-1B visa holders’ spouse or unmarried children under 21 years of age.

H-4 visa holders are allowed to study in the United States, but cannot work in the US, with some exceptions. If you are in H-4 status and attending college in the US, but will soon turn 21, you will need to apply for an F-1 visa to stay in school. H-4 visa holders are also permitted to open bank accounts and acquire a driver's license.

H-4 visa holders are also permitted to open bank accounts and acquire a driver’s license.

Employment Eligibility for Holders of H-4 Visas

If you are an H-4 visa holder and your spouse either has an approved I-140 or if your spouse is permitted to renew H-1B status in three-year increments beyond the six-year limit, you may file an application for permission to work in the US. Only a spouse can apply for work permission, not children in H-4 status, even if they are old enough to work.

H-4 Visa Holders Who Can Apply For Work Eligibility

H-4 visa holders can apply for permission to work in the United States under the following conditions.

    1. Must be in H-4 status and be married to an H-1B worker, and
    2. H-1B husband or wife must fit into one of the following groups:
      • The H-1B worker has an approved I-140, but must wait to apply for a green card until an immigrant visa (green card) becomes available based on the Visa Bulletin (H-1B can file application for extension of status in three-year increments until he or she can apply for a green card), or
      • H-1B spouse can file an application for extension of status in one-year increments because either a Labor Certification or an I-140 was filed for him or her before the end of the 5th year in H-1B status.

A husband or wife of an H-1B worker who meets the above requirements may file an Application for Employment Authorization on Form I-765 beginning May 26, 2015, with supporting evidence.

What Supporting Evidence is Required?

      1. Marriage certificate showing marriage to current H-1B husband or wife
      2. Evidence that shows H-1B husband or wife meets the above requirements
      3. Entry Documents from Most Recent Entry to US (I-94, either card (front and back) or printout)
      4. Copy of most recent Employment Authorization Document (EAD)
      5. If H-4 has never received an EAD, submit copy of government-issued identity document showing picture, name, and date of birth

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