Filing Fee Increases

The clock is ticking . . .

The Immigration Service recently proposed raising the filing fees for many immigration applications.

We expect filing fees to increase in the Fall of 2016.

The biggest proposed filing fee increases are for the following applications.

  1. Naturalization (Form N-400)
    • Increase from $595 to $640
  2. Proof of US Citizenship (Forms N-600 and N-600K)
    • Increase from $600 to $1170
  3. Relative Petitions (Forms I-130 and I-485)
    • I-130: Increase from $420 to $535
    • I-485: Increase from $985 to $1,140
  4. Replacement of Green Cards (Form I-90)
    • Increase from $365 to $455
  5. Nonimmigrant Workers, such as H-1B and R-1 applications (Form I-129)
    • Increase from $325 to $460

Partial Fee Waiver for Naturalization Applications

Those with incomes at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines may use form I-942 to request a reduced filing fee. Click here for information on the Federal Poverty Guidelines


If you eligible to file any of the above applications, it would be wise to file before the filing fees increase. Contact us at if you would like our help in filing these applications.

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