Getting Married in New York State

October 23, 2014: International couples who plan to marry often have questions about how to get married in New York State. Marriage may be the first step in filing immigration papers. Some couples delay marriage because they want to save for a reception. Others delay because they want to allow enough time for family members to make plans to attend the wedding. As long as yours is a real marriage, there is no legal barrier to holding a small civil or religious ceremony before a larger marriage celebration. Many couples do this so that they can begin the immigration process for their husband or wife without delay. This could be important if your husband or wife is not in immigration status or will soon lose immigration status. Your husband or wife may file an application for permission to work while waiting for a decision on a green card application. This can help in saving money for a later celebration. It may also help your husband or wife maintain a job or accept a new job. Finally, it may allow your husband or wife to be able to travel more easily. For information on how to get married in New York State, click on Getting Married in NYS.

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