B Visitors

The non-immigrant visitor category may be used by foreign nationals who would like to make a short-term visit to the US. This category requires the foreign national to have a foreign residence abroad that he has no intention of abandoning and to show that he will not work or study in the US. There are four basic visitors classifications:

  1. B-1 visitors for business,
  2. B-2 tourists or visitors for pleasure,
  3. WB waiver for business, and
  4. WT waiver for tourist.

B-1 and B-2 visitors must typically have visas in order to enter the US. These visitors may be admitted into the US for an initial period of up to six months. They may also file to extend their stay for up to an additional six-month period or file an application to change their status to another nonimmigrant or immigrant status, if eligible.

As for WB and WT visitors, only citizens of certain countries are eligible to enter the US under these classifications. WB and WT visitors are visa exempt, meaning that they do not need to apply for a US visa before entering the US. However, they may only be admitted to the US for a maximum period of 90 days. Also, visitors under these categories are not allowed to extend their stay in the US or change their status to another nonimmigrant or immigrant category. (There may be an exception for WB or WT visitors who are immediate relatives of a US citizen.)

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