5 Tips To Help with Your Delayed Immigration Case

Has your case been pending for a long time?

There are many reasons that an application or petition can be stuck with USCIS. Here are five tips for your delayed immigration case.

  1. Update USCIS with your change of address. Some mail from USCIS will not be forwarded to you even if you put in a change of address with the US Post Office. So, it is very important to notify USCIS if you move. You can report your change of address to USCIS online, by phone or by mailing in an Form AR-11. 
  2. Check the current processing times. USCIS posts expected processing times for many different types of cases each month. If USCIS received a large number of cases and needs longer to process all cases, you will see the posted processing times change on their website. 
  3. Check the status of your case. USCIS has several tools, online, by phone or in person, to allow you to check on the status of your case using your receipt numbers. By checking your case online, by phone or in person, you may learn that USCIS is looking for additional information or did not receive your change of address. 
  4. Put in a USCIS Service Request. If your case is outside the USCIS published processing times, you can submit a service request or service inquiry using USCIS online tools. You can also submit the service request by phone or in person at your local USCIS office. USCIS should respond to the service request in about 30 days. Typically they will send you a written response with some information about what is happening with your case, if there is a delay or if they will be asking you for additional information.
  5. Contact your Representative. Sometimes a case is past processing times and you are not getting satisfactory responses from USCIS about your case. In this situation, it can be a good idea to get help. Ask your local Congressional Representative to inquire about your case. 

If none of these tips are addressing your situation, you may need to consult with an immigration attorney. 

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