Client Reviews

Experienced and knowledgeable!

[Diane] is a very knowledgeable and experienced lawyer in her field. I’m a non resident alien and her firm was very proactive in researching and gathering evidence to help my case. Because of her firm’s diligent efforts I was able to succeed in my case ahead of schedule.  I would recommend her as your lawyer.

– Mithun, an Immigration client

A great professional!

I had a case which was leading to deportation. After battling it out through various attorneys and paying all sums of money, I finally found Diane Chappell-Dally. It was exceptional how her deep knowledge of the law was able to overturn the situation. Above all Diane works with an exceptional stuff. Their presentation of a case is so professional than anything I had seen from any previous attorney. I hope those with cases they feel are unturnable reach out to Diane! Success guarantee.. Now I have gotten my permanent residency and entering into pharmacy school next fall.  Thanks a lot Diane.

– Dan, an Immigration Client

Excellent Attorney with Extensive Experience and Knowledge

Diane is a phenomenally diligent attorney who was incredibly attentive to the immigration needs of our company. Earlier this year our business came to Diane with very detailed concerns regarding temporary visas. Diane took the time to research all the necessary parameters put forth by the Department of State and helped reconcile those matters specific to our case. Our company found Diane knowledgeable, honest, detail-oriented, ethical, and readily-available. Highly recommended!

– A Business Client

Green Card Success Same-Sex Marriage

After being together for eleven years, my Canadian same-sex partner and I thought we would never be able to legally marry as she was unable to get a Green Card. In August of 2013, we contacted Diane R. Chappell-Daly  about our situation, and learned it was not hopeless after all. We enlisted Diane’s help and she guided us through the whole process and filed the necessary paperwork for us. Diane very candidly told us we could file the paperwork ourselves, but in case something went wrong during the process, we opted to have Diane’s knowledge and expertise behind us. Happily, we were married on August 30, 2013, and we received the Green Card on December 26, 2013. We would highly recommend the law office of Diane R. Chappell-Daly to anyone in our situation or anyone needing assistance with legal matters pertaining to immigration.

– A Family Immigration Client

Great Lawyer!

I was so impressed how she worked on my case very first and gave me updates every step of it. I surely recommend her to anyone.

– An Immigration Client