Immigration Updates

  • DC Court Orders DACA Restarted but Appeals Pending

    On Friday, August 10, 2018, The DC DIstrict Court ordered the Trump Administration to restart the DACA program by August 23, 2018. However, the government has 20 days to appeal this decision, and Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, has implied that he will be appealing. In the meantime, several other courts are considering similar lawsuits against the administration for it's order back in September 2017 to end the DACA program. The DC Court became the third one to order the administration to contin…

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  • Immigration Attorney Yvonne McKinnon at 2018 AILA Annual Conference on Immigration Law

    Immigration Attorney, Yvonne McKinnon, Training at the Annual AILA Conference, 2018

    The Moon Law Office LLC team is proudly following attorney Yvonne McKinnon's attendance at the 2018 AILA Annual Conference on Immigration Law. The AILA Annual Conference is an abundant resource for up to the minute immigration law and practice. Ms. KcKinnon's attendance is part of our commitment to closely studying and following developments in the dynamic field of immigration law. …

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  • Which one is better for us? Get married now or apply for a fiancé visa?

    There may be at least two processes that can help you sponsor your loved one for a green card in the US. There are advantages and disadvantages to each process. If you are not married yet, you may be eligible to apply for a fiancé visa for your loved one. The advantage of the fiancé visa process is that your future spouse can be with you in the US while they wait for their green card application to be processed. Sometimes the wait for the green card application can take a long time and many cou…

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  • Immigrants Create 40% of New Business in States Like New York

    Last week was National Small Business Week, so we are taking a look at the contributions on immigrants to business in the US. A new study from the National Bureau of Economic Research on immigrant entrepreneurs shows the how much immigrant-founded businesses add value to the economy of the nation as a whole. This is particularly true for the economies of the largest states. Immigrants create about 25 percent of new businesses in the nation (those five years old or less), but in California, New …

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  • 5 Tips To Help with Your Delayed Immigration Case

    Has your case been pending for a long time? There are many reasons that an application or petition can be stuck with USCIS. Here are five tips for your delayed immigration case. Update USCIS with your change of address. Some mail from USCIS will not be forwarded to you even if you put in a change of address with the US Post Office. So, it is very important to notify USCIS if you move. You can report your change of address to USCIS online, by phone or by mailing in an Form AR-11.  Check the cu…

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