Applying for a Fiance(e) Visa?


Fiance(e) Visa Application and Application for a Green  Card – Five-Steps 

If you are a foreign national  engaged to a US citizen, the US citizen may sponsor you for a green card.  This is a five-step process.



  1. USCIS: US citizen fiance(e) may file a fiance(e) petition with USCIS.
  2.  National Visa Center:(NVC): Once the fiance(e) petition is approved, the file is sent to the NVC for collection of fees, forms and documents. Once the NVC has received the correct fees, forms and documents, it sends the file to a US Embassy for a visa interview.  You will find helpful information in working with the NVC below.
  3. US Embassy: When the fiance(e) visa application is complete, the visa applicant will be scheduled for an interview at a US Embassy.  The embassy website provides helpful information on what you will need to bring to the interview.
  4. Border: Once the fiance(e) visa is approved by the US Embassy, the visa applicant will receive a fiance(e) visa stamp that may be presented at the US border for admission to the US. As long as the fiance(e) visa-holder is admissible to the US, he or she will be admitted for up to 90 days to marry the US citizen.
  5. USCIS: If the fiance(e) visa-holder marries his or her US citizen sponsor within 90 days of entry, the fiance(e) visa holder may file an application for a green card in the US.

Tips for working with the NVC

1.NVC Website

Provides answers to Frequently Asked Questions at:

FAQ’s in English  or FAQ’s in Spanish

2. Documents

Send copies of documents NOT the original documents to the NVC.  This includes birth certificates. The green card applicant must bring the original documents to the visa interview.

3. Mailing Documents to the NVC

Mail all documents in one envelope and include the cover sheet provided by the NVC in this envelope.

4. US Embassy Website

After scheduling a green card interview appointment, visit the US Embassy website for the embassy where you will be interviewed. The website will include the most recent information on the required medical appointment and processing fees required by the embassy.

H-1B Season Update

Good news for those who filed H-1B petitions with a request for premium processing:  USCIS announced today that it will begin premium processing for cap-subject H-1B petitions requesting premium processing on April 27, 2015. More H-1B Information