Immigration for Haitian Families

October 21, 2014: A new immigration program will help Haitian families. This program will allow family members of US citizens and green card holders to enter the US up to two years before the date that a green card is available to them. To qualify, the relative must be in Haiti and already have an approved relative petition. This is a limited program. It only applies to certain relatives. It will allow those who qualify to be together in the US with their relatives while they wait for a green card to become available.

The Immigration Service plans to begin this program in early 2015. If you have filed papers for a relative in Haiti, make sure that that your relative is eligible for this program before filing any more immigration papers for them. The best way to do this is to consult an experienced immigration attorney. Do not be taken in by false promises that may not help your relatives in Haiti.

For more information on this program, called the Haitian Family Reunification Program, go to the following website.

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