US Passport Application (DS-11)

apply for a us passportForm DS-11 is used as an application for a US passport. The passport application allows the applicant to travel to and from the United States if approved.

Who Can Apply for a US Passport?

Only US citizens can get a US passport. Permanent residents (green card holders) or people in the US on work visas cannot obtain US passports, as a passport is a form of proof of citizenship.

When To Use Form DS-11 For a Passport Application

Form DS-11 can be used as an application for a US passport in the following scenarios:

  • The applicant has never had a US passport before or the applicant was under the age of 16 when their previous passport was issued
  • The applicant would like a new passport when their passport was issued more than 15 years ago
  • The applicant would like to replace a lost or stolen passport

Evidence Required for DS-11 Passport Application

To be eligible to be approved for a passport application, the following evidence must be included in an application for a US passport:

  • A 2” x 2”, face-forward photo of the applicant. The photo must be on a white background and the applicant cannot be wearing anything on their head in the photo (such as glasses or hats), unless for religious reasons.
  • Proof of US citizenship

Problems With A Passport Application? An Immigration Lawyer Can Help

Passport applications can get complicated, especially, for many people, the proof of US citizenship requirement. Passport applications typically take about 4 to 6 weeks to process. Because of this, incomplete information on a passport application can result in delays or rejections that can cause even longer waits, stalling your plans.

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