Immigration Consequences of Criminal Convictions and Changes

Changes in US immigration law during the late 1990s significantly increased the negative immigration consequences of criminal convictions and conduct for foreign nationals. As result of these changes, a foreign national criminal defendant may now face the possibility of being placed in immigration detention and removed from the United States for even relatively minor criminal offenses, often without any prospects for a waiver or any other relief. Additionally, with increased government resources being directed towards enforcing immigration consequences, it is far less likely nowadays that an individual who has become subject to removal proceedings due to a criminal conviction or conduct will not be detected.

If you are a foreign national and have previously been convicted of a criminal offense, we strongly recommend you contact our office to discuss how your conviction might affect your ability to travel or immigrate to the US. If you are currently facing criminal charges, it is crucial that you and your criminal defense attorney understand what the immigration consequences of your resulting conviction will be. Our office can work alongside your criminal defense attorney to assess the consequences of a conviction, and, if possible, formulate strategies on how to limit those consequences.

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